6 Jun

“yes, he is – I had forwarded him to you because i wanted you to assess his qualifications and allocate him to an appropriate position and then to contact him”

Just so you can understand what PH has to deal with on a daily basis, she has not changed any of the wording / grammar.

PH is helping put together a team for a BID THAT HAS NOT EVEN COME OUT AND WILL NOT COME OUT FOR AT LEAST 3 WEEKS.  That’s right, she’s calling up people and saying, “Hi, we think there is going to be a bid soon, do you want to be a part of our team for a project that isn’t even in existence?”  She loves coming off as a complete professional!

The above missive is part of the constant pressure she receives from the Cranky Old Man (a “consultant” who is 15 years past retirement and enjoys nothing more than belittling every single person in the office), to “secure these candidates.”  The funny thing is, the Cranky Old Man has YEARS of experience in the subject of the bid.  So, in essence he is the right person to recruit for this role and not PH.  Furthermore, PH has a number of live roles (roles the company gets paid for) and doesn’t have time to waste time with fictitious bids that may or may not come out.

Accurate artistic representation.


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