You Don’t Know My Name.

7 Jun

PH’s real name is eight letters – apparently, too long for most people in her office to pronounce.  The MILF, who is a close friend and has earned use of the common nickname, applies it frequently at the office.  Unfortunately, this has apparently invited others into an overly friendly assumption of the nickname…including and not limited to The Prat.  The Prat is based out of the London office and currently visiting PH’s office.

Besides his constant preening (PH suspects he is looking for conversation or interest, of which she wants for neither), she had to yesterday endure a very proper British accented voice saying, “What are you doing tonight, PH-dawg?”

PH felt like informing The Prat that she would be having martial relations with her husband, but forced herself to answer, “Most likely going to the gym.”

7 more working days until he’s gone.

Think before you speak, Prat.


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