The Prat (cont’d).

8 Jun

The Prat started with PH’s company in March.  During his brief time in the office, PH did not witness what she has in the past 3 work days – mainly a complete inability to sit at his desk for longer than 20 minutes at a time.  PH gets that people suffer from ADHD, but she’s never seen someone commit so few hours to an actual job.  Apart from his nearly constant (and inexplicable) stretching, he smokes, takes personal calls, arrives late and generally wanders off to places unknown.

PH sees the obvious hypocrisy in this post – she’s writing this blog and neglecting her own work, but she just wishes The Prat could be a little less obvious about things.

(Also, he asked PH to lunch today…  PH will need to politely decline as there are 1 million other things she would rather do).


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