In which a lunch order triggers Armageddon.

9 Jun

PH’s general rule is to not get too involved in office drama.  She would prefer to keep her headphones on and her head down.  Today, she had to witness a sad amount of drama relating to a lunch order.  In a span of 30 minutes the entire attitude of the office went from elated, almost weekend happiness to cursing, yelling and combustive.  PH cannot even figure out how to tell the story such that it will make sense.

And then all hell broke loose.

Needless to say, the situation is deteriorating at a rapid pace in the office.  People are frustrated and angry.  PH, having learned her lesson in jobs past, knows to keep on keeping on.  She arrives on time, leaves on time, and gets her work done.  She doesn’t have high expectations from The Director.  She isn’t earning enough that it makes much of a difference whether she stays or goes.

(The Prat asked PH to lunch AGAIN today).



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