“I married into money.”

15 Jun

While at dinner last night, the Prat was going on about his upcoming vacation which involved going to Scotland “to play golf and horseback ride.”  Apparently, where the Prat golfs (through connections of his apparently well connected wife “Fee”) is super deluxe (Gleneages.) It’s something he does “once a year.”  The Director, a Scotswoman, was naturally impressed and asked in not so many words, ‘how the hell do you manage that?’

“I married into money.”

What kind of money?  Apparently, the kind where you can blow over 800 quid per night.  What kind of connections?  Try getting married at Westminster Abbey.

Maybe it’s an American vs. British thing, or entitled vs. not, but PH has met some wealthy, well connected people in her day.  Rich does not equal manners.

PH supposes she could not be prouder of herself and Hubs.  They came from middle class backgrounds in a Southeastern state.  They married young.  PH loves that her husband is a self made man, doesn’t need to rely on connections to get jobs he has no business having and is 20 times the man the Prat will ever even hope to be.  PH loves that while she may not be able to drop serious dosh on a hotel, she is far better at her job than an over educated, pompous Prat.

I ain't saying he's a goldigger...


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