In which The Prat cannot handle his alcohol.

15 Jun

PH is positively GLEEFUL this morning.  As she was in charge of arranging the dinner yesterday evening, she chose her favorite place – a reasonable all you can eat, all you can drink restaurant she can walk to.  PH may not do a lot of things well, but she can handle her alcohol.  It turns out the Prat is not so good.  After receiving one of the most awkward ‘compliments’ ever from him, the Prat proceeded to drink – a lot – knocking back double G&T’s like it was his job.

Therefore, PH was not surprised when after a number of bold and ridiculous statements during the evening, the Prat rocked in an hour late this morning (and continues his pattern of ‘non work’).  PH prides herself that even if she parties on a school night, she at least gets to work on time the following morning.

Zach G is way more fun.

Less than 1 day to go!!


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