Giving up all hope.

6 Jul

PH is seeing the glass half empty these days.  Is she doomed to a life where she can reach barely a year without being completely and totally irritated with her colleagues?  Or is she a magnet for incompetency?   For example, it’s taken the Director TWO FULL WEEKS to realize PH is completely overwhelmed, while the two other members of the team skip around with the barest minimum of work.  Without anyone reliable to give the work to, PH, at her wits end, asked The Belgian (new team member – also known as The Bad Dresser) to help format some CVs.  With such a simple assignment, PH wondered if would be possible to mess things up.

Turns out, it is entirely possible.

PH does wonder where you’re from – if you have enough work ethic to only present your colleagues with professional work.  Or, do you cut corners when you know someone else is ultimately responsible?  Do you look at something one last time before sending, or do you just pass along without one more glance?

Daily life for PH.


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