Wearing of clothes.

6 Jul

As PH has previously mentioned, she is not a clothes horse, nor does she care too much for fashion.  Her workday look is mainly black, grey and white.  She has some pinstripes, a suit when she needs it, and black ballet flats which match everything.  Given she lives in the Middle East, and it is now the height of summer, her clothes washing cycle has increased.  As with many places in the city, there are a plethora of dry cleaning choices.  In fact, many will come directly to your door – such that you never even have to leave your apartment to pay for or drop off your garments.

PH tells this backstory because the Belgian regularly wears 1 or 2 dresses.

A week.

As in, 2 outfits for 5 days.

When it’s over 100 degrees out.

PH is perplexed.  In a city with more malls per capita than just about anywhere else in the world, she wonders why a person in their 30’s would only cycle through 2 (poorly fitting) dresses in a week.

Dry cleaners are our friends.


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