7 Jul

So, PH likes to try and run a clean space on her desktop.  She keeps things filed in logical folders, and during her working day generally only has 3-4 tabs open at the bottom of her PC (Lotus Notes, Word, Firefox and perhaps Excel or a folder).  When she sat with the Belgian yesterday, her colleague had no less than 50 things open at the bottom of her screen.  It gave PH a headache just to look at.

So, what does your computer screen look like?  Tens of tabs?  Less than five?  Over 50?

This x 10.


One Response to “Tabs.”

  1. Kaessa July 7, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    I’ll have Chrome and Firefox open (logged into different accounts on each), 15-20 tabs open in Chrome, 4-5 tabs in Firefox. IRC chat, Tweetdeck, Dreamweaver, Filezilla, Photoshop, 3 or 4 folders, and possibly Picasa and iTunes. I’ll open Word and Excel as I need them throughout the day, as I rarely use them.

    Of course, I have two 22″ widescreen monitors side-by-side, so it makes managing all those windows a bit easier. It all depends on the type of workflow, I think. Leaving the programs open I’m going to be using all day makes more sense to me than opening and closing them as I need them. I just minimize them when they’re not in use.

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