A debilitating week.

14 Jul

PH has had some bad weeks in other jobs, but this may go down as one of the worst.  Due to the constant slaps, kicks, and ‘you’re not doing a good job’ she has lost almost all motivation to even come to work.  She can deal with almost anything, but constantly being micromanaged and ripped apart for anything from the wording of a basic e-mail to things she has no control over has forced her to look towards resigning.  No job is worth being made to feel like you are less than you really are.  And certainly not at the rate PH is making.  She took this job because she was able to help the world in some small way – to recruit individuals to go into fragile states and post-conflict zones so that they might do some good work.  Now, her entire life exists to attempt to make two controlling egomaniacs feel better about themselves.  The placements she’s doing aren’t helping the world.  The people she finds are never good enough.  She never hears a thank you.  She’s become someone she doesn’t want to be.

Watch this space.  PH is hopeful she can make it another two weeks until vacation but isn’t sure she has it in her.


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