World War Desk.

27 Jul

As PH may have previously mentioned, the Director is growing the Recruitment Division at a nearly obscene rate.  In doing so, she’s literally taken over the office and began encroaching the team’s space into the rest of the office – no less than bumping the Director of HR out of his desk while he was on a business trip to S. Africa.  PH feels a lot of tension brewing, and does not feel a particular professional courtesy when the Director e-mails her with comments like these “I dont know how many times I asked Moron (HR Assistant) to move herself and Ginger (Head of HR) BEFORE his return.”

PH doesn’t care where anyone sits.   At the same time, she can’t wait to see how this situation plays out.  It’s like the Director missed the day of class when everyone else learned how to play nicely with others.

Not quite as bad as this, but close.


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