The Belgian is back…with a bump.

24 Aug

PH is not going to have children.  That’s her choice.  Should she ever want to, she would CERTAINLY let her employer know**, mostly because she believes this is the fair and ethical thing to do.  So, the Belgian is now back from her wedding and honeymoon.  Her poor fashion choices previously could not be trumped by the literal sack she wore to the office today.  What was previously ill fitting, PH now believes was an attempt to hide the very obvious fact that the Belgian is between 4-5 months pregnant.

Has the Belgian divulged this information to anyone?


PH expects an announcement any day.

Or you just can't dress yourself.

**PH can understand why the Belgian would remain quiet about being pregnant while engaged (in the UAE it is illegal to be knocked up without being married!!), but now that she’s a married woman (shot gun wedding!), she needs to come clean.


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