Why 2 weeks notice works (instead of one month).

14 Sep

PH is now in the last stages of her month notice period.  Needless to say, the time is dragging and it has been a long time since PH has done anything that could be constituted as ‘work.’  Mainly she has been filling her days with trying to train the Newbie who is taking over for her.  Needless to say, the Newbie is going to be a complete disaster at the role.  PH is not sure if there is an opposite of ‘proactive,’ but that’s exactly where Newbie fits in.   The Director is going to have her hands full.

In PH’s home country, it is customary for non-executive level employees to complete a 2 weeks notice period.  In this time, an adequate handover can take place, because, as PH knows, her job isn’t that difficult.  She could train a 10 year old to do what she does in this time, let alone Newbie (an alleged Recruitment Professional).

Working 1 month allows for a hopelessly awkward and non-motivated period of time for the employee leaving to waste the company’s resources.


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