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New Work.

29 Nov

New work for P.H.!  Like EVERY SINGLE JOB SHE APPROACHES, this one is off to something positive.  And P.H. is tentatively optimistic that this enthusiasm might last.  Her office?  Big – bigger than she’s ever had before.  There is no one in her general area coughing, sneezing or eating.  For this point alone, it is heaven on earth.  In a department of 5, no one interrupts her and no one demeans her.  They ask nicely, they say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’  They had a name plate up for P.H. when she started with her title and everything.

They give holidays.  They are normal…  They are not The Firm, or the Director or Mr. Boss.  They are a school.  At this point, P.H. is nothing but hopeful.


That was interesting.

16 Nov

P.H. is glad for this week.  With a little help from her friends, she was able to determine this is not the place for her (or her sanity).  In the past few days she’s witnessed a heap of bad behavior including: 2 extended shouting matches, a colleague who can only say ‘no’ and give excuses, a husband and wife who have not once referenced the existence of their children, a host of bad attitudes of which P.H. has never previously witnessed in the workplace, and, the crowning glory, THE COMPANY DOES NOT HAVE THE LEGAL ABILITY TO WORK IN THIS COUNTRY.  Their commercial license is 8 MONTHS lapsed.

The MD is not in yet this morning because he sent out a corker of an e-mail yesterday:

Good afternoon. I want to inform everyone I will be out of the loop again for the short term. I have several major business tasks that are fundamental to our success tackle in the near future. Sales Lady will be the decision authority for all day to day business and operations for the time being. Please refer your concerns first through your department heads. Department heads report to Sales Lady. The only person who needs to call me is Sales Lady. 

So, to conclude, P.H. was brought in without any plan or comment to the other members of the team.  She’s been more or less ignored (which she doesn’t mind), but cannot understand how the fundamentals of planning a company work.  Additionally, for a company that is ‘so busy,’ P.H. has to wonder why everyone has time to take 2 hour lunches every day?  So, P.H. will not finish her week because…she has an interview tomorrow at a place she really wants to work!

Wish her luck.

Why you shouldn’t work with your spouse.

13 Nov

PH loves Hubs.  She thinks he’s great.  He’s patient, funny and very cute.  However, if she had to work with him, she thinks he might become significantly less attractive.  Case in point.  PH has been at her new workplace less than a day.  At the four hour point, the husband (MD) and wife (account manager) got into a strop and are now fighting like it’s their job.  PH can only overhear a small amount, but she thinks, “Leave it outside of work guys.  You’re significantly bringing down your credibility by bickering in public where all your employees can overhear you.”

Still, PH likes an interesting environment and this one promises to be full of drama.

At least wait until the second day.

A new adventure.

13 Nov

PH isn’t quite sure how she’s done it, but she talked her way into a role as Operations Manager at a design firm.  Basically, she has no idea what she’s doing, but will do it or die trying!  Today is her first day, and other than the fact that a stroppy girl who wants to clear her throat every 8 seconds and cough every 20, PH thinks she can last in this cramped space (not as cramped as the hell that was working with Mr. Boss and Co.) until the move to the new office takes place.

So… A new country and new job and a new role.  Undoubtedly there is room for all kinds of drama here.  (PH has been warned by the MD already that there will be some ‘growing pains,’ but she looks forward to trying something new).  PH looks forward to reporting on it!