A new adventure.

13 Nov

PH isn’t quite sure how she’s done it, but she talked her way into a role as Operations Manager at a design firm.  Basically, she has no idea what she’s doing, but will do it or die trying!  Today is her first day, and other than the fact that a stroppy girl who wants to clear her throat every 8 seconds and cough every 20, PH thinks she can last in this cramped space (not as cramped as the hell that was working with Mr. Boss and Co.) until the move to the new office takes place.

So… A new country and new job and a new role.  Undoubtedly there is room for all kinds of drama here.  (PH has been warned by the MD already that there will be some ‘growing pains,’ but she looks forward to trying something new).  PH looks forward to reporting on it!


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