New Work.

29 Nov

New work for P.H.!  Like EVERY SINGLE JOB SHE APPROACHES, this one is off to something positive.  And P.H. is tentatively optimistic that this enthusiasm might last.  Her office?  Big – bigger than she’s ever had before.  There is no one in her general area coughing, sneezing or eating.  For this point alone, it is heaven on earth.  In a department of 5, no one interrupts her and no one demeans her.  They ask nicely, they say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’  They had a name plate up for P.H. when she started with her title and everything.

They give holidays.  They are normal…  They are not The Firm, or the Director or Mr. Boss.  They are a school.  At this point, P.H. is nothing but hopeful.


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