High compliments.

29 Jan

PH is glad when she can develop a kick ass reputation in a matter of weeks.  Case in point.  Senior Deputy Officer’s assistant will shortly be leaving the School.  Her reasons mostly revolve around the fact that whoever hired her did a terrible job (the mismatch between SDO and the EA is staggering).  Being a mom, the current assistant’s got some issues with working and staying late is not jiving with her current life plan.  PH doesn’t blame her.  With that knowledge, in no uncertain terms, the SDO has insinuated he would like PH to replace the current EA.  Why this is a specific ego buff dwells mainly around the fact there are countless admins at the School, but PH is among the newest.  PH is of course, flattered by the request, but is not interested in going back to, how to gently put this, being someone’s bitch.  She has good rapport with SDO (which may pay off in other ways later), but is not interested in looking after some high maintenance boss for the coming year.  Furthermore, the money wouldn’t be any better nor would the benefits (benefits discrepancies will need to be addressed in a later post).  Also, in PH’s current role, there is at least a chance of career progression, of which there would be none being someone’s EA.

PH is turning down her own office. Sad face.


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