Stuck in the middle.

29 Jan

Hello fans people who read this blog sometimes!  PH has not passed away, but she has been busy at her new work (and has just passed the 2 month mark).  The pay is crap, but the work is good and she’s actually learning a lot.  She writes to you today to speak about her life simultaneously reporting to 3 different departments (w/a bonus President!).  PH likes to think she’s diplomatic, she also doesn’t like being taken advantage of.  When her position came online, the HR department (where she sits) took well and full advantage of her time.  At the beginning, PH, wanting to be a team player, agreed to everything they’ve asked of her.  Now that PH is actually busy with the other departments, she’s trying to figure out a way to diplomatically delegate work back to those who should be doing it in the first place without hurting anyone’s egos or feelings.

Also, PH forgot how cathartic it was to post here – expect some new posts soon!


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