Always judging…

2 Feb

One of the departments PH currently supports is Health and Wellness, which is basically a one woman show, run by a lady PH affectionately calls the Negative Judge.  While her efforts are in the right place, the Negative Judge’s manner of going about those efforts may not be that inspiring.  Case in point, for a new health initiative PH had her weigh in last week (the number was terrifying) and has been on the straight and narrow this week.  Exercising more, not drinking and trying to eat healthy things -go PH!  However, when an opportunity for one of PH’s favorite foods presented itself, she happily indulged in ordering a treat and saved it to take home for dinner that evening.

PH then made the crucial error of passing the Negative Judge on her way out of the office.  The look on the woman’s face was an indescribably mix of horrible disappointment and judgement, never before witnessed by PH or the world.  While PH wanted to shout, “It’s my body and I’ll do what I want to!” She refrained, went home, and happily ate her snack.  PH firmly believes life is too short not to pass up opportunities to enjoy the foods you love.

Always judging...


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