Tone of e-mail.

2 Feb

PH uses a lot of helpful words and phrases in most of her business (and personal) e-mails.  Unfortunately, the Woman Who Looks Like PH’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom (but is actually in charge of L&D) does not usually strive to this level of politeness:

“The list has Senior Recruiter at S House with her previous apartment number which is now mine and I have no address listed.  As you know, she’s at the Pearl.  Please update.”

For the record, readers, the list which matters, the emergency list DOES have all the correct information.  Furthermore, PH does have other jobs to attend to besides babysitting a duplicate list for over 150 employees.  PH did respond with a basic, ‘thanks for the correction, really appreciate it’ and got back this number in a matter of minutes:

“That’s where you have her living in my apartment and I’m listed as homeless.”


None at all.


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