Mind Reading, Level 1,000.

5 Feb

PH really does not have much to complain about in her current role.  Given the fact she has done approximately fuck all today, she knows she is lucky.  Her comments are not particularly mean spirited, but merely observations of daily working life at the School.  As previously reported, PH acts as an administrator for three departments.  When a comment was brought forward in a weekly meeting, ‘We should move things around in the Director’s old office,’ within less than a minute, Woman Who Looks Like PH’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom looked directly at PH and asked, ‘Can they move things this afternoon?’

While PH is undoubtedly good at her job, she certainly is not at the point she has instantaneous knowledge of a department she devotes a few hours a week to.  She kindly answered, ‘I’ll have to check first.’

PH sees...into the future!


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