Alone in the Dark

8 Feb

PH has yet to mention Vanilla Dude, because, well…he kind of just blends into the background.  Mr. Vanilla had been seconded to Main School for 8 months and returned in January.  Having heard the rumors, PH was excited to meet her new colleague especially one with a good sense of humor.  Unfortunately, amidst the hype and rumors, Mr. Vanilla fell completely flat.  From what she can tell, he passes his days by sitting in his office (no lights), refusing to interact with the rest of the department (multiple occasions – including the upcoming community events) and took a week off work to be ‘sick.**’  PH knows its a lot to ask to have normal co-workers, but why come to work if you’re just going to take up space?

Because this isn't creepy at all...

**Work abscence post coming up shortly.


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