An encounter with MD.

8 Feb

Not that PH had any residual feelings towards the place she worked at for less than a week, but Qatar is a small world and earlier this week when she was out with the Scouser, a gentleman approached their booth.  Lo and behold it was MD.  PH made introductions and proudly announced she was working with the School.  After the intros were made, the MD let slip that he had recently left THE COMPANY HE WAS TRYING TO RECRUIT PH FOR.  Had PH stayed on, she would’ve been well and truly fucked.  Fortunately, things worked out how they are supposed to.  As MD lingered on (as if to continue conversation – ?) he mentioned his wife was with him.  PH is not sure what he expected her to do – go over and say hello?  Ask if they’ve stopped yelling at each other?  Try and understand what sort of maniacal way they were going to try and make money?  In the end, PH appreciates the universe sending her a sign that she made the correct choice.


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