Abscence Makes The Heart Do Nothing.

8 Feb

There are a few points to cover under this topic, so let’s get started!

1.  Extended absence.  When PH first started, Girl PH Hopes to Soon Be Replacing, took an unprecedented amount of time off.  She literally did not work a complete week for 6 weeks in a row (and a few of those weeks she worked a total of 1-2 days).  The funny thing?  Nothing – at all – fell apart.  When Mr. Vanilla took an entire week off (due to an undisclosed sickness), with the exception of a few missed training sessions (easily rescheduled) – again, NOTHING happened.  PH wonders how little does your job matter if you can take many unscheduled days off and nothing changes?  Given all the proverbial balls PH is juggling at the moment, it would be difficult for her to take lots of time off.

2.  The day after Super Bowl Sunday is NOT a holiday.  Get over it.  Even if you are an ex-pat and the game starts at 3:30AM – it is YOUR choice to do stay awake / get up early to watch it.  Two personnel in PH’s department took Monday off.

Party all you want - come to work the next day.

3.  While it doesn’t really bother PH, per se, another member of the team is gone for nearly 2 hours twice a week to pick up his kid from school and then bring the kid home.  Maybe he works late, but she really can’t be sure.

4.  Have a doctor’s appointment?  Clearly, this means you need to take the entire day off!

5.  In another one of the departments PH works with, a woman is scheduled to take 6 weeks off.  In a row.  She did this last summer.  Apparently she is not alone – as other moms at the School also do this.  PH does not understand how an employer would let MULTIPLE personnel get away with this!!!

Maybe all of these are simply the way things are done at the School and PH should chill out a bit.  Still, PH doesn’t and never has taken a cheeky day off and likes to think that things would get out of hand if she took more than a few days off.


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