The Martyr.

17 Feb

The Judgeful Nurse now has a new name and that name is ‘The Matyr.’  PH is sure you’ve worked with a Martyr before – they are very easy to spot and among the worst co-workers to have.  Case in point.  Today was the School’s annual ‘Family Fun Day.’  It is a fairly simple gathering where families come and play around.  PH doesn’t really know the exact details – she left after setting up for 1.5 hours (playing the game as she is up for a promotion – more details on that later).  Anyway, the Martyr dropped this gem yesterday:

“Yes, we were thinking of going out of town for my husband’s birthday, but you know…the event.”

Cut to PH wondering how on earth this woman thinks her attendance at Family Fun Day is absolutely integral to its success.  If tasked with going out of town to celebrate Hubs’ birthday over staying for a 3 hour event on one afternoon, she would be on a plane faster than you could say ‘yalla.’


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