What PH actually does.

23 Feb

In hopes of her upcoming potential promotion to HR Coordinator, PH took a few minutes yesterday to create a file of what she actually does with her day – who she reports to, who takes up her time and where her energy is generally spent.  Unsurprisingly, a good deal of her time went to support the HR department – one she owes 25% to.  In reality, it’s more like 50%.  The largest part of the problem goes to the current HR Coordinator and just HOW much work she’s doing for this woman.  PH doesn’t want this woman to leave on a sour note, but she’s having a difficult time keeping her mouth shut.  PH understands the people that matter know how hard PH works and she’s glad someone who’s already ‘checked out’ mentally (if she was ever there) is on her way out, but she just can’t understand how someone would just NOT want to do their job so much.

On a daily basis.

Case in point, there is a current very small project that the HR Coordinator should CLEARLY be in charge of.  Rather than finish the job, she’s sent this:


I’ve updated the list with those that are single.

Best G

This effort helps not.  Why not take the list to completion?  The thing that makes PH the most frustrated, is that the HR Coordinator knows PH is busy this week.  Also, the HR Coordinator has 3 days left – she should be worried about her reputation and going out on a high note.



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