Enough already.

20 Mar

PH would like to take this opportunity to share an open letter to Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom:

Dear EBFM,

I dislike you immensely.  While I have arranged your entire next week for five guests you’ve invited, you have the audacity to come back with absolutely bitchy e-mails like the one you sent today.  Let me clue you in on a very important fact: the world or the HR department does not revolve around you.  Furthermore, in case you are that incredibly dense, I am a bit busy at this juncture – mostly putting together things for you, the rest of the department, my former manager and your boss – yes, in case you forgot, my old role has not been replaced and the assistant to your boss is also MIA.  I do not appreciate you picking on unbelievably small details that no one gives two shits about.  No one likes your competency project.  In fact, everyone on campus now hates the word ‘competency.’

Please do me a favor and NEVER send a shitty e-mail like the one you sent again.

Copying in your boss on the e-mail was especially immature and unappreciated.

Furthermore, no ONE is going to read the change – you’re just going to end up cluttering people’s inboxes again.

Go to hell.

~Princess Helper


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