Yikes and double yikes!

25 Mar

Remember last week when PH waxed philosophical about what the various members of her department actually did?  Turns out, Mr. Vanilla isn’t going to do much for much longer.  That’s right – in the School there are a certain number of set positions that are sponsored.  Well, in a stroke of brilliance the outgoing Director neglected to tell Mr. Vanilla that his job wasn’t going to be a sponsored role at the end of his contract.  PH has to giggle at the inefficiency, but is also a bit sad – Mr. Vanilla has clearly lost out on months of opportunity to look for another role.  The School now wants to shove Mr. Vanilla into another upcoming vacant role, but RH hopes he gets the hell out of town.  She STILL cannot figure out what he does.

Technically, it's 'your post no longer exists,' but you get the idea.


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