Meetings w/Food. #firstworldproblems

29 Mar

Make PH want to cry.  Here’s a list of things that can (and will go wrong):

1.  The food does not arrive on time (it does matter if you order it to be delivered an hour early – this will inevitably get messed up at some point).

2.  The wrong food comes.

3.  There is only one of you to simultaneously set up the meeting, welcome guests, chase down guests who are late.

4.  Too much food is ordered.

5.  Not enough food is ordered.

6.  Someone has issues with the (free) food.

7.  The food needs to be cancelled last minute – thus creating a terrible relationship with the company the food was ordered from.

8.  There is no cutlery or plates to be found anywhere.


A hateful experience.



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