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30 Apr

There is a game being played on campus and PH has begin to think it is the sole source of fun for the young men in her department for the year.  Seriously, their take on the game precluded them from attending a rather large and campus wide event.  PH watched as they avoided interacting with the rest of their colleagues – because that’s how completely seriously they are about winning.  When initially asked if she wanted to participate, PH knew there was a good reason for wanting to avoid the game altogether.

Participants have gone so far as:

Hiding in stairwells (for 15 minutes!!)

Dressing up in culturally insensitive clothing

Running through campus

Involved conversations of strategry

PH has had enough of people walking around campus like this.

Do they have anything else in their lives for amusement?



Of course he is.

10 Apr

So, Mr. Vanilla is apparently a ‘writer.’   Although he refused to give any further details, PH is intrigued.  Allegedly, he is coming to her writers group meeting tonight – although, since PH mentioned she will be attending, she thinks he might now flake on attendance.  When asked what genre he writes, Mr. Vanilla replied, “Comedy.”  When asked what particular style, he responded, “A screenplay and started a novel.”  No other details were forthcoming.  She sometimes wonders this about other authors, why they wouldn’t at least warm up to another author or want to share anything about their work.  Perhaps by ‘comedy’ what Mr. Vanilla meant to say was ‘erotica?’

PH wonders what it is about the HR department that attracts writers – literally, Loud Recruiter, Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom, PH and now Mr. Vanilla are all writers or wannabe authors.

That time PH realizes the person before her did absolutely nothing.

10 Apr

PH is starting to get a bit resentful of the person who held her position previously.  As the weeks pass and PH realizes just how much this completely unprofessional woman dumped on her, she feels conflicted – mostly because it doesn’t seem that anyone in the department had a clue that PH was doing the lion’s share of her job.

PH supposes through hard work, she’ll be able to prove herself, but she is just beyond irritated at how worthless some people can be at their position.

Bananas in the fridge?!

1 Apr

PH has to attend meetings to take care of the Chief (his assistant left some time ago and he seems in no hurry to replace her – why would he when he has PH to boss around help?).  In a meeting this morning, Ex’s Mom had this gem to add about moving School provided free fruit into the School provided refrigerator (for no more than one day, and only if there were leftovers), “You can’t keep bananas in the fridge.”  PH wishes she could better capture the absolute conviction this phrase was said with.  It was as if to put bananas any other place was simply illogical.

The humanity.