Of course he is.

10 Apr

So, Mr. Vanilla is apparently a ‘writer.’   Although he refused to give any further details, PH is intrigued.  Allegedly, he is coming to her writers group meeting tonight – although, since PH mentioned she will be attending, she thinks he might now flake on attendance.  When asked what genre he writes, Mr. Vanilla replied, “Comedy.”  When asked what particular style, he responded, “A screenplay and started a novel.”  No other details were forthcoming.  She sometimes wonders this about other authors, why they wouldn’t at least warm up to another author or want to share anything about their work.  Perhaps by ‘comedy’ what Mr. Vanilla meant to say was ‘erotica?’

PH wonders what it is about the HR department that attracts writers – literally, Loud Recruiter, Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom, PH and now Mr. Vanilla are all writers or wannabe authors.


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