Kettles – the wonderous alternative to microwaves.

3 May

Although PH loves her new office, she hates the location of it.  Directly across from the kitchen, she is constantly subjected to annoying sounds throughout the work day.  Her favorite comes from Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom.  Why?  Every morning, without fail, she proceeds to make whatever hot beverage by banging on the world’s loudest microwave.  Never mind there is an electronic kettle directly next to the microwave which, unless PH is mistaken, boils water for the intent of hot beverages.

Why would you use anything else?

Another gem from Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom this morning?  She requested PH to forward her an e-mail.  PH bit her tongue, not wanting to point out the obvious – that in the time it took EXBFM to walk to PH’s office, she could’ve sent the damn thing to herself.  Oh logic…


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