Why P.H. doesn’t like to do nice things.

21 May

It is a colleague’s birthday today in her department.  PH kindly offered to order pizza for everyone.  Due to a meeting running over, she placed the order a bit later than she originally planned.  When Ex-Boyfriend’s Mom comes out of another meeting demanding, “Where’s my pizza?” and the comments to another colleague, “We’re fine, but we’re hungry” and the parameters are still well within the hours of lunch for an order she didn’t have to place, money she didn’t have to collect and pizza she won’t have to go fetch, PH wants to say “Fuck you, you don’t get pizza and it is because of your behavior I will never be kind enough to order again.”

Oops, now she paid for PH’s pizza and PH feels bad.

But then she said, “Who ordered this?” after the group had a 3 minute discussion about thin crust vs. regular crust.  Kill PH now.


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