Walk-Ins – the WRONG way to job hunt.

22 May

So, a nice young lady just walked into PH’s office looking for a job.  This event happens roughly once a week and every time it happens PH’s soul gets a bit further crushed and she weeps a bit more for the next generation every time it does.  This young woman did not want a job at the School where PH is in HR, instead, she wanted a job at the larger organization that grants the School to operate in country. Yes, that’s correct – she wandered aimlessly into an HR department for a company she did NOT want to work for.

PH has absolutely no idea what jobs they have available.  Furthermore, she has no idea where they are even located.  She attempted to inform the wide-eyed young woman that a ‘google’ search of the larger organization’s website would be a good place to start.  She gave helpful hints, that perhaps this young woman should research her potential future employer and the jobs they have available.  Additionally, bringing one’s CV would also be a good place to start.

The entitlement of these potential ‘candidates’ regularly shocks PH.  These people are genuinely bewildered every time when there is not a job waiting to be handed to them, when they walk in not having done any research on the School, what positions are open, or even asking to see if PH is busy.  They literally just barge in and start talking.  The behavior is unprofessional, irritating, and the worst practice imaginable.

PH would like to attach this sign to her door.

PH weeps for this generation.


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