Not off to a killer start.

27 May

When P.H. makes the case to hire people, she thinks optimistically.  She wants to think the best of people – that they will be the person they were in the interview – that they will be model colleagues and professionals.

Enter, Candidate X.  P.H. is done with her, and it’s only her first day.  In a 48 hour period she:

1. Nagged about the offer.

2. Complained not once, not twice, not three time – but four or more about the verbage in the offer letter.

3.  Confirmed she would start and then not less than one hour before then end of the work week, called to say she would be late on her first day (P.H. nipped that scenario).

4.  Called P.H. at least 5 times in a 20 minute period about going back and forth for her start date and time.

Upon coming to the office this morning, the candidate:

1.  Forgot her passport (the ONE thing she really needed to bring in).  No, a national ID will not suffice – that is why P.H. said, ‘please bring your passport.’

2.  Took nearly 45 minutes to fill out 15 minutes of paperwork

3.  Was continually dense.


P.H. hopes that things can only get better.  P.H. also realizes her frustrations with this role go back to the fact her Supervisor has continually fucked up for the past month.*

*more on this topic later.


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