Don’t worry, P.H. will do it.

30 May

The HR department had a “retreat” yesterday.*  P.H. was naturally irritated.   At the top of her list?  The continuing assumption by her entire department that she will be responsible for everything.

– Agenda that was circulated 3x, but no one wanted to give input or confirm?  Agenda that she was told, ‘don’t worry, we’re just going to talk about goals’?  That Agenda?  First five minutes, the Director: “Where is the agenda?”

– The Director’s Assistant, who PH pushed for hiring, came ill prepared – no computer, only a notepad.  Never checked in on how she could help P.H. prepare or assist.

– No one thought to bring their own laptop, only P.H.

– No one thought to bring a zip drive, only P.H.

The retreat is part of a larger, ongoing issue that P.H. will just naturally take care of everything.  She’s starting to resent the feeling.


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