Here’s when you don’t freak out.

5 Jun

EXBFM is having a number of ‘training sessions’ in the coming weeks.  In the mind of EXBFM, PH is sure this is somehow the equivalent to nothing short of a visit from royalty or THE MOST IMPORTANT TRAINING SESSIONS EVER TO TAKE PLACE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. EVER.

Who is helping her plan?  Naturally, P.H.!

P.H. could give two shits about any of the meetings.  Where they take place, the precise set up, the fact a minority of unit heads have responded, what the people are fed, why the Events team are being difficult, or most importantly, why EXBFM is acting like she has never in her life scheduled a meeting before.  Literally, P.H. is (again) having to hold this woman’s hand as she performs basic tasks, such as draft communication and send reminders.  “I’ve been in meetings all day” is not an excuse.

Furthermore, EXBFM, if you have enough time to get a card and cake together for a birthday nearly 3 weeks away, perhaps you need to get your priorities straight.

We won’t talk about the $300 spent today on crap toys for these training sessions.


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