19 Jun

Assumptions are perhaps, the very worst part of PH’s job.  For instance, when PH was out earlier this week (she was sick, but not that sick), PH incorrectly assumed that a number of things would get done.  However, when PH arrived to work the next morning, as expected, nothing was accomplished.  For the precious complete waste of time trainings EXBFM is in the middle of going through, a number of things need to happen: food to be delivered and set up (all on PH), endless workbooks, printouts, handouts and other wastes of trees (all on PH), setting up the room in a very precise manner (all on PH), putting the meeting in everyone’s calendar (PH again).

Rather than turn up early or think that PH would not live up to things, EXBFM strolled in 20 minutes before said meeting was going to start yesterday and immediately started whinging.

The worst part is how much EXBFM thinks PH cares about these events.  PH thinks of them as nothing more than a ‘to do’ so she can move on get back to her normal life.

2 down, 2 to go.


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