21 Jun

No, crazy German Physio.  No, PH will not be your fucking servant at 8:10 in the morning.

Picture it.  PH is in on Thursday (her last day of the week) ready to start her morning – tea brewing, leftover muffins from yesterday’s terrible training session and prepared to wade through the incompetence of her inbox.  Cut to: random German lady with legit crazy eyes wandering in with all her kit and caboodle barking about getting an office open.  First of all, ‘please’ is not to be found in this woman’s vocabulary.  She then starts blathering on about having PH, who knows nothing about this woman or why she is even around so early, to call the Dean of the School (who is late for the appointment) and get him in – mach schnell.  PH does what she can, but all the while wanting to tell this woman to back the fuck off, get some manners, and take her crazy eyes elsewhere.

PH does NOT want to see this first thing in the morning.


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