How many times can PH say this? She doesn’t care.

27 Jun

Actual text from EXBFM this morning: OMG.* Overslept.** Will be there around 9:30.  So sorry.***

*PH does not care for this with colleagues.  ‘OMG’ should be reserved for casual conversation or friends only.  She is neither.

**This is certainly not the first time.  For someone in her 60’s, this woman has a real issue with getting to work on time.  Honestly, what is she, 12?

***’So sorry’ would imply that EXBFM was going to actually help, assist, or support in any way once she arrived.

When PH did not respond with a text of her own, because really, she couldn’t care, EXBFM then CALLED PH to ensure the message was received.  PH was a bit terse, but wondered why the call or the text.  The meeting was scheduled to start at 10AM, which EXBFM still had plenty of time to arrive.


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