Just show up to your damn meeting 5 minutes early.

27 Jun

PH wonders where EXBFM actually came from.  For the 7 meetings she has prepped to date for this horrible, horrible woman, EXBFM has not bothered to show up early to check out the room, confirm the handouts (of which there are plenty) and generally show an interest until the exact time the meeting starts.  Even when EXBFM has marched her troll feet in early, she hasn’t so much as walked by the room to ensure the set up was correct.  It’s not that PH isn’t untrustworthy or the Tea Girl isn’t entirely incapable, but PH wonders how EXBFM has got to this point in her life where she can be so hopelessly cavalier.

PH intentionally missed placing a flip chart yesterday. The reaction? Priceless.


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