Not a valid excuse.

28 Jun

PH accepts that living on the other side of the world will cause jet lag for whenever she travels.  However, she has not once skipped out on her duties at work as a result of travel.  She may have been a zombie, but she’s been on time and completed her responsibilities.

Mr. Vanilla (who, thank the Lord above is moving out of the department on Sunday) was home over the last week.  Yesterday was his first day back.  He was in late (as usual) and out early.  This morning?  He called EXBFM (his boss) and said he was ‘wrecked’ and would be coming in late.  Yesterday he accomplished little to nothing and she expects today will be much of the same.  Additionally, as he moves on to his new post on Sunday, she knows he will fail.  He is literally walking into a position he will have no success at and PH can’t help but enjoy the schadenfreude.

Clearly this is an excuse to be 2 hours late.


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