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Late again.

10 Jul

“I hate 9 o’clock meetings,” says PH’s boss as she strolls in at 9:07, heading downstairs at 9:10 for a weekly meeting she can’t seem to get in on time for (ever).

EXBFM – no where to be seen.


Lateness is not a virtue.

9 Jul

Punctuality helps.  PH prefers to be at a reasonable hour and leave at the same time every night.  However, day after day she watches the two senior members of her department turn up late and has to keep her mouth shut when they wonder day after day why they can’t get their work done on time.  PH wonders what occurs in their day to day lives (they both live alone, with pets, no children) that they absolutely cannot make it to work before 9AM and how their time management works such that they continually have 50+ e-mails to attend to by 3PM.

Vent over.\


9 Jul

Whatever you do at work, do NOT use the word diarrhea.  PH pleads, if you must use the word, do NOT use it more than once.

Because, why would you?

1 Jul

Mr. Vanilla, as it’s been stated, is going to be switching departments this month.  Never mind his current lackadaisical approach to work – PH doubts sincerely that he’s actually completed a full week in over six weeks, but today really pisses her off.  It’s not that employees shouldn’t be allowed time away to be sick, however, on a day when a) Mr. Vanilla is supposed to switch offices (yay!) b) Mr. Vanilla has a major report due into Finance c) There is a major turnover on a certain system where Mr. Vanilla is (most unfortunately) the ‘go to’ person.  PH suspects she’ll end up doing most of the work on all fronts, but steadfastly refuses to be proactive.

PH has not received any official e-mail, text or call from Mr. Vanilla regarding his absence.

She would prefer if he was just gone already, so she could have his office and she wouldn’t have to see his stupid face.