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Shows PH enjoys, Suits.

13 Aug

PH and her Hubs started watching a new show, Suits, recently.  The show follows super high powered lawyers, not too unlike the consultants and original Princess PH used to work for at the Firm.  PH was very pleased to see the development of the relationship between Harvey (the Princess) and Donna (the Princess Helper).  Their interactions are the closest thing PH has ever seen on television or in movies (except maybe Pepper Potts/Tony Stark) to how real life assistant / boss relationships work.  Although PH and her Princess weren’t as close as Donna and Harvey, they didn’t have as much time together.  PH likes to think they would have one day become Harvey/Donna (minus the weird sexual tension).

Yes, PH most certainly did.


On time is an illusion.

13 Aug

PH purposely scheduled a meeting at 9:00AM with her entire department.  Troll Feet has already called in to say, “I hit the snooze button 12 times.”

Nothing says respect for your department like oversleeping when you have to meet them.

PH expects her own Boss will waltz in at a minimum of 15 minutes late.

Just another day at the School.