Queen of the Literal.

2 Oct

There has been a new player on PH’s agenda recently, she of the Lacking Social Skills.  PH is helping LSS recruit for a part time role that, while important, should not carry the weight and consequence it has been.  LSS is they type who takes every single thing one says LITERALLY.  She does not (or cannot) understand how to let things go.  She must be in charge, in front, and on top of everything.  To the point PH and her colleagues received this gentle reminder the other day:

Note: if you want water please get it beforehand or between interviews. I don’t want the office assistants to come in and take orders, and an interview is not an appropriate time for a coffee/tea break.

Not to be taken lightly, LSS and one of the other interviewers actually HID their coffee before a candidate came in.

Also not to fuck around, PH got a stern lecture when she DARED bring a candidate into the room before LSS gave the okay.

PH wishes this recruitment round would end quickly.


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