Time Management – Not a Secret.

22 Oct

It occurs to PH that both of the ‘senior managers’ in her department are completely lacking in their time management skills.  PH wonders, if you are going to be gone for nearly two weeks on vacation, why would you not, perhaps, come in over the weekend and make things easier on yourself?  If you are going to take up to 5-6 hours a week (or more) for ‘offsite’ appointments, then perhaps coming in early might be imperative to completing the necessary parts of your job in a timely fashion.

Running around and saying ‘there’s never enough time’ does not accomplish anything.

Similarly, to Troll Feet and her never ending quest to boss, delegate and make herself feel important has dicked around on getting an assistant that she doesn’t need at all.  PH is not entirely sure she likes where this department is headed – literally!  They have been relegated to the back corner of Finance.  Fun times.


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