Seating = kill PH now.

6 Nov

PH is of two minds recently.  Troll Feet has decided she’s not getting enough support mostly because she’s apparently been waited on hand and foot for the past 20 years
has requested demanded that she get an assistant to boss around.  While this will take significant annoyance off of PH, she still does not believe there is nearly enough work to keep one person busy for even 10% of the time.  However, when it comes to certain aspects of the job, PH says, ‘good riddance.’  The fact that PH will not have to care about seating for Troll Feet’s precious once a month meetings is enough to keep her happy.  If the School wants to waste money on another person, be her guest.

PH also appreciates the Director hasn’t even asked her opinion on the subject.

As PH approaches a busy week with Troll Feet, she asks you to pause and reflect on your opinions of seating possibilities.  And how the world will end if they are not correct.

Good luck, fucker.


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