Is this week over yet?

14 Nov

Lack of preparation on your part does not precipitate an emergency on P.H.

PH is over the annoying shit and complete inability to plan the simplest of meetings on Troll Feet’s part.

Other gems?

Troll Feet commenting on Assistant Director’s ‘completely inappropriate choice of clothing’ and ‘not appreciated comments.’

Troll Feet going into a sob story about her printing and how they had to reprint EVERYTHING because THE GLASS ON THE COPIER WAS DIRTY.

Annoying Consultant coming in, asking for something last minute, changing his mind and forcing PH to continue to run around like an idiot in the morning.

The lack of preparation / proactivity from Troll Feet and Annoying Consultant to the participants of the various workshops.

Troll Feet’s sense of self on both the campus and in the department being so greatly over exaggerated.



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