Interviewing w/Troll Feet.

9 Jan

Unsurprisingly, interviewing with Troll Feet is a special hell.  PH has sat in all sort of interviews in her life – but never one like this.  Troll Feet has close to 30 PAGES of questions.  Even better?  She jumps straight in – no warm up, no small talk, just straight to it.  Best of all?  She really grills the candidates – forcing them to give highly specific examples of mundane workplace things.  PH could understand if this was for an important position, but basically the ‘lucky’ candidate will be Troll Feet’s slave for 6 months (an assistant, not some high level officer).  Additionally, Troll Feet asks so many questions that the interview takes up most of an hour (it could easily be done in 30-45 minutes).  It’s so painful, that even though the new person will become part of the HR team, PH doesn’t want to sit through any additional interviews and doesn’t look forward to training a new person.

Additionally, the interviews did yield a ‘special’ candidate.  The crazy woman, an HR professional, gave numerous inappropriate examples, followed up too early and then tried to connect with PH on LinkedIn.  No.  No.  And No.

PH does not have patience for days like these.



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