PH starts a busy year.

9 Jan

PH enjoyed a nice holidays – 2 weeks away from the School was a welcome treat.  She didn’t have to think or look at Troll Feet, or the rest of the crazies.

Coming back, she’s had some doozies:

1.  Dear Candidates, applying for a role more than once – especially over the holidays – is a sure fire way to annoy the HR team.

2.  Dear person I met one time at a girls night over a year ago, it’s nice you remember I work for something vaguely connected to what I actually work for, however, when I explicitly mention I’m in HR, don’t write this: ‘I would really appreciate if you could forward it to the HR Dept.’ Girlfriend, I just told you I’m in HR, so get off your duff and do some research of your own.  Also, when PH looks at your CV and sees you worked for major multi-national companies and you clearly ended up with NO contacts or networks, she gets worried.

3. Dear Candidate, even if energy does not come naturally to you, please do not show up and waste everyone’s time by speaking as if you are asleep.  You made PH look bad.


Additionally fun times in posts ahead.


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